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For Presenters

1 What is the Conference theme? 

The Conference theme is Shape the Future, Be a Spark.  This theme encapsulates two important ideas:
a. The importance and catalytic nature of educators’ role in helping to realise the vision for ICT in Education, that is, to nurture “Future-ready and  Responsible Digital Learners”.  
b.  Every educator has a significant role to play in translating the future according to his or her ability and contribution.

2 What are the key strands used to shape the programme of the concurrent sessions?
The Conference programme is based on two key strands:
Strand 1: Shape the Future
This strand focuses on educators taking on forward-looking perspectives and ideas through embracing technology-based innovation, and their multi-faceted role in helping students become future-ready by fostering a culture of lifelong learning in a digital world. 

The two sub-strands are:
i.   Embracing innovation;
ii.  Fostering a culture of lifelong learning. 

Strand 2: Be a Spark
This strand revolves around creating opportunities to spark the joy of learning in students and develop them to be responsible digital learners through designing ICT-enabled learning experiences and environments.

The two sub-strands are:
i.  Designing ICT-enabled learning experiences and environments to spark the joy of learning in students;
ii.  Nurturing students to be responsible digital learners. 
3 What are the dates and venue of the Conference?
The Conference will be held from 31 May 2018 (Thursday) to 1 June 2018 (Friday) at the Resorts World Sentosa Convention Center, Singapore. 

The Pre-Conference, comprising a series of Masterclass, will be held on 30 May 2018 (Wednesday) at the same venue.  Details on the content and registration for these Masterclasses are available on the Conference website .
4 What is a Paper Presentation?
  A Paper Presentation provides opportunities to share and exchange views on innovative ICT-enabled teaching and learning practices.  Each paper is allocated 30 minutes (20 minutes for presentation, 10 minutes for Q&A) and there are usually two related paper presentations in each breakout room.
5 What is a Model Lesson?
  A Model Lesson is an informative and interactive session on innovative ICT-enabled teaching and learning practice that include facilitated, hands-on activities, demonstration, and discussion with the participants.  Each model lesson is allocated 60 minutes. 

Model Lessons will be held at the same timeslots with the Paper Presentations during the Concurrent Sessions.  
6 What should be covered in a Paper / Model Lesson presentation?
The content and structure of a Paper / Model Lesson presentation is decided by the presenters.  However, in view of the relatively limited time for each presentation, presenters are encouraged to articulate, where relevant, the following points:
a.   Learning issue addressed through the innovative use of ICT
b.  How ICT supported / enhanced teaching and learning
c.   Evidence on the effectiveness / impact on student learning and development
d.   Implementation challenges, limitations and possibilities

In addition, Model Lesson presentations should include meaningful demonstrations and/or facilitated hands-on activities to help participants experience and grasp important aspects related to the focus of the session.  

Important note:  All presenters are to ensure, prior to the Conference, that legal copies of works and/or materials are used at the Conference. For avoidance of doubt, please refer to the terms and conditions for proposal submission stated in the iCTLT2018 Information Sheet for Submission of Proposals (Appendix 2) issued together with the Calls for Proposals. 
7 What is the layout of a conference breakout venue?
The standard layout for a Paper Presentation is the Theatre (Rows of banquet style chairs). Depending on the venue, each paper presentation may accommodate a maximum of 90 – 100 participants. 

The standard layout for a Model Lesson is the Classroom (Rows of rectangular tables with banquet style chairs).  Depending on the venue, each Model Lesson may accommodate a maximum of 60 – 70 participants.
8 What standard equipment is provided in each Conference breakout venue?
The Conference organisers will provide:
a.   Wireless Internet connectivity
b.   One LCD projector and screen
c.   Microphone(s) and sound system
d.   One flipchart with stand, and markers (For presenters’ use)

Presenters are required to bring their own laptops/ mobile devices, and the relevant accessories, for their presentations. The Conference organisers will not be able to provide laptops or any other equipment not listed above or photocopying services during the Conference.
9 Do I need to register as a participant in order to present at the Conference?
Yes, presenters of accepted Papers/Model Lessons must register to attend and present at the Conference.  

Information on registration of presenters will be provided in the email notification of acceptance of proposals.
10 Do I need to submit presentation slides for my paper presentation / model lesson?
  Yes, presenters are requested to share a soft copy of the slides used for the presentation with their concurrent session Room Facilitator (Conference staff).  There is no need to submit the slides prior to the Conference.

Presenters can download a copy of the slides to the Room Facilitator‘s USB drive at the end of the concurrent session.  Please note that only presentation slides (in PDF) will be downloaded. 

To share other conference materials (e.g., video clip, activity worksheet), presenters may show a hyperlink to their own cloud-based storage on the last presentation slide for interested participants to access the materials after the Conference.
 11 Is there a presentation slide template I need to use for my paper presentation / model lesson?
  Yes.  The presentation slide template will be shared by your concurrent session Room Facilitator when he/she contacts you via email by the end of April.
 12 How often do I need to present my paper / model lesson?
  Paper / Model Lesson presenters are required to present once during the Conference, unless requested otherwise by the Organizer before or during the Conference.
 13 Where do I get information for the venue and reporting time of my paper / model lesson?
  Information on the venue and reporting time of your paper / model lesson will be provided in the email from your room facilitator.  
 14 Will I know how many participants signed up for my concurrent session?
  The Conference organiser is unable to provide this information as no prior registration of concurrent session is required.  However, based on the size of the breakout room and furniture set-up, the maximum number of participants expected for a Paper Presentation is around 90, and for a Model Lesson, it is around 70. 
 15 If I am unwell and unable to present at the Conference, what can I do?
  In the event you are unable to present at the Conference and there is no other presenter (either a co-presenter already registered for the Conference or a replacement presenter nominated by your organisation/school) who can do so on your behalf, please inform your Room Facilitator as soon as possible.  Your Room Facilitator’s contact information will be provided in the link-up email to be sent in April.

Nominated replacement presenters who have not registered as Conference participants are kindly requested to first go to the Conference Information Counter (located at the Convention Centre Basement Level 1,) before proceeding to the concurrent session venue / any part of the Conference venue.
 16 Are there facilities / services provided by the Conference organiser to keep my equipment / personal belongings?
  No.  At all times, presenters have to exercise full responsibility and due care over the safekeeping and proper handling / use of their equipment (e.g., laptop for presentation) as well as personal belongings.  The Conference organiser and its authorized agents are not liable or responsible for any loss, damage or injury arising from the use of these items.  
 17 How may I contact the Conference organisers?
  You may contact the conference organisers here.
 11Where is the nearest mosque from Resort World Convention Centre?
 The nearest mosque is Masjid Temenggong Daeng Ibrahim at 30 Telok Blangah Rd, Singapore 098827.