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Spark IT

What is Spark IT?

Spark IT is a 2-day youth-led design challenge that focuses on leveraging technology to solve education issues. This hackathon brings together students, educators and community experts/mentors to explore possibilities and propose solutions to transform future classrooms. In addition to problem solving, Spark IT  provides students the opportunity to experience project-based and inquiry learning and apply 21st-century skills in an authentic learning context. Educators will also be able to have a first-hand experience of participatory and connected learning.

The objectives of Spark IT is to:
  • Bring together stakeholders (students and teachers) in education in discussing, ideating and proposing solutions, leveraging on technology to solve authentic/education issues,
  • Showcase hackathons as a means to provide an authentic 21st century learning context through participatory and connected learning, and
  • Listen to students’ voices on their views of how technology can shape the future of learning.