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Tsui Kai Chong


Title: Innovation in education: What it takes & Where it leads to

Date: 31 May 2018
Time: 1.45pm - 2.45pm
Venue: Ballroom


In many ways, technology has reshaped university education. This talk presents an overview of technology-triggered changes in universities in Singapore. In particular, it focuses on SUSS’s journey with technology in shaping its students’ learning experience and its administration. SUSS aims to harness innovation and technology to improve educational outcomes for its students. Thus far, what SUSS has done allows it to optimise class time, rapidly develop and deploy learning materials, cultivate faculty-teaching teams, use evidence-based pedagogy, enable students to collaborate in a virtual learning space, and employ data-driven decision making. The journey continues… By painting a picture of how learning in the future would look like in the universities, and what current primary and secondary educators can aspire toward, this talk offers suggestions as to how we can develop future-ready students. 

Pre-viewing materials

iStudyGuides of SUSS (6 samples)


Professor Tsui Kai Chong is Provost of Singapore University of Social Sciences (formerly known as SIM University) since May 2005. 

Professor Tsui was a member of the start-up team of Singapore Management University, and he oversaw planning for communications and information technology. He was appointed as the first Dean of the School of Business in 1999. He became Vice Provost of undergraduate and graduate education in 2002. Prior to that, Professor Tsui served as Deputy Director of the Graduate School of Business at the National University of Singapore.

Professor Tsui serves on the boards of the Intellectual Property Academy, Intellectual Property Office of Singapore and National Council of Social Service. He was Chairman of the Board of Keppel REIT Asia Management Limited, and served as a member of the boards of Keppel Land, Keppel Capital Holdings, Keppel TatLee Bank and Fullerton Fund Management Company Limited. 

He served on the Intellectual Property Steering Committee, the editorial board of the Financial Analysts Journal and the board of CFA Singapore and chaired the Social Service Training Institute’s management and advisory committees.

Professor Tsui received his PhD in Finance from New York University in 1988 and his Chartered Financial Analyst qualification in 1993.